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Mosaic Marketing on the Bay is a virtual corporation founded and led by Audrey Ellison.

From 1994 to 1999, Audrey was Director of Marketing at AchieveGlobal -- a Times Mirror company and among the world's largest providers of learning solutions.

Audrey won widespread acclaim as the architect of AchieveGlobal's worldclass marketing campaigns, brand launch, and for building the firm's extraordinary presence at major industry tradeshows.



"Conferences and conventions are where I've worked for the past twenty-five years. And the very best conferences I've attended are those crafted by Audrey Ellison. Her creativity, attention to detail, passion, and top-notch resource network make her THE best conference manager in the world."
---Chip R. Bell, speaker and author of Customers As Partners

"Audrey Ellison is the best! She has brought us great ideas that are based on very sound---yet thoroughly innovative---business practices.  Audrey has made a remarkable difference for us and our clients."
---Linda Mint, Marketing Manager, Conceptual Systems/Strategic Management Group

"When you consider how much value is routinely left on this particular table---and how much Audrey Ellison knows about getting more value from all types of events---it's clear that hiring Audrey is a can't-miss proposition.

---Tony D'Amelio, Vice President, Washington Speakers Bureau

"Audrey is an exceptional individual who clearly outshines most, if not all, in her profession. I have worked with thousands of meeting planners and conference coordinators. Audrey is one of the best. Under her guidance, her team was motivated, upbeat and, in the end, worked together to produce an exceptional product. She is a warm, intelligent and highly creative individual who has already risen to the top of her profession.
---Janet Lapp, Author Plant Your Feet Firmly in Mid Air, Lapp & Associates

"For myself and many of my people, the annual conference Audrey orchestrated has been a high point of our year. Audrey's organizational capabilities and attention to detail convinced customers that the organization really 'walks the talk.'  She has the ability to manage a crisis or, indeed, prevent it from happening in the first place."
---Ian Smith, Managing Director, UK Customer Service, British Telecom

"If I had to choose one individual to tackle this vital responsibility, it would be Audrey Ellison. She is SUPERFANTASTIC!"
---Keith Harrell, author of Attitude is Everything, Harrell Performance Group

"The knowledge and time that Audrey Ellison has contributed to the Instructional Systems Association (ISA) have made major changes in the professional skills of her audiences. She is an expert in several areas, but for our professional association the subjects have been client events and trade shows."
---Terry K. Broomfield, Executive Director, ISA

"I have attended and spoken at conferences planned by Audrey Ellison. The conferences are by far among the best I have participated in. They are well run, exciting, informative, energizing and fun. But it is the content and relevancy to work, along with the customer experience, that make the conferences Audrey plans extraordinary."
---Kathy Huey, Deputy Executive Officer, National Food and Agriculture Council, USDA



2 Adalia Avenue - Suite 402 - Tampa, Florida 33606  
telephone: 813.250.0278  fax: 813.253.0137