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Here's how our approach works...

1) Analyze your current investments
Mosaic reviews your current marketing strategies, budgets, methods, and results. We then compare what you're doing against our comprehensive best practices for maximizing effectiveness and efficiency of such efforts. If we find opportunities to make your marketing efforts work significantly harder for you, we prepare a proposal.

2) Run a pilot
Mosaic typically proposes to first work with you on a specific marketing project. The goals of this pilot are to
  • Show actual improvements in your results by applying our proven strategies and processes
  • Identify the best ways for Mosaic to work with you, your internal marketing resources, and other external service providers
  • Demonstrate the clear value-added Mosaic can bring

3) Transfer our expertise and/or explore outsource options

Once the initial project is complete, we work with you to transfer more of our demonstrated strategic expertise, proven operating procedures, and specialized management tools to your business. Or, if you prefer, we define an ongoing role for Mosaic in shaping and implementing your marketing, promotion or tradeshow strategies.


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